Who Am I?

I, your humble narrator, would like to introduce myself and possibly tackle my inner self as well to possibly answer the age old question: Who the hell am I anyway?



First off, I’m Lex. A natural haired, twenty-something from New Orleans. I’m goofy, random and love all things beautiful. I love to crack jokes, watch Alfred Hitchcock movies and crank up music while dancing around without a care. I’m a computer nerd and spend more time than I care to admit on my computer.

I’m a personal assistant, nanny, model, student, writer, bartender and all around freelancer. That is a lot of stuff, I’ll admit but somehow I make it work. Hence, the Vagrinda was born. She’s me, but, she’s the part of myself that has the drive to get up and go when all I really want to do is burrow into a mountain of pillows. She’s the one constantly on the look out for new things, new opportunities, new moves to make. She is a dynamo. So here she is, for you.

Currently studying at Northeastern University, I have aspirations to head to the East Coast for graduate school. Design is where my heart lies. I’m incredibly interested in Interior Design, so for now, that’s what direction I’m heading.

Who knows where the world will take me but for now I’m looking forward.


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