Meet Mynx

This is Mynx, my kitten. She’s a little over 5 months old and was adopted from a woman who found the litter Mynx was in abandoned near her house. Mynx was one of the last of the litter to find a home and she found it with me. She was advertised as free to a good home with a voucher for shots and to be spayed. Off top, that’s awesome. I went to pick her up and fell in love instantly as I began to stroke her soft coat. She was a tiny little thing. The woman I got her from told me that she was named “Feisty Wench.” I giggled about it but on the ride home she proved herself to be one. Albeit, I wasn’t prepared to bring her home and only had a box to keep her in but she did not want to stay put. For a typical 25 minute drive, it took an hour to get her home. Each time she escaped she would look at me as if to say, “Hahaha, gotcha.” Once we got home she hid for a while, not used to the sounds and smells of my house but quickly warmed up to the house as her space. For a while I didn’t name her, just referred to her as “The Unnamed Kitten,” and waited for her to name herself. She did quite aptly; not only is she incredibly spunky and intelligent but she’s brazen. A minx.
We spent the next few days hanging out and have been a dynamic duo ever since.  Kitten kisses are a daily thing as is the 5am pawing at me for breakfast. She’s my partner in crime, a great motivator, a constant source of entertainment and the best snuggler.  I love that little ball of energy.

What kind of pets do you have? What kind of personalities do they have?


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