Fall Cleaning Part II: The Progress

On this venture for a clutter free space, I’ve made a few strides in the right direction.
Mostly the mood to work on these things strikes at 2-3am, but who’s really paying attention? As long as it gets done!

So far I’ve replaced my mattress, gotten completely rid of my cumbersome bed frame and have partially broken down the snap-together shelves I had been using as a bookshelf.

I lucked up on a mattress and box spring for free and it’s been hanging out in the other room for a little over a month. After a disinfecting spree, it’s now found a lovely home in my room complete with some comfortable bedding I already had and undoubtedly already some drool stains, I’m sure. While I’m not used to such a firm mattress, it seems to be helping my back. I can’t deny that after a few nights on this newer mattress I’ve been sleeping better and waking up without a sore back that I have to manage throughout the day. I can get up, do some yoga and go. Ok, I’ll just say it: my old mattress was an absolute piece of garbage; no support at all. This one is awesome!

The shelves I was using were a short-term solution to a long-term problem – I’ve got a bunch of books and nowhere to put them. I stumbled across these particular shelves and was excited. They looked sturdy and I could adjust them to fit my needs. If I wanted three stacked up on the left side, but only one on the other, it was easy as snapping it together. Easy enough. I had part of my book collection on it for about two weeks before I realized that some of the snapped areas had become undone. It looked like it was going to topple so I didn’t touch it. Not until last night. I moved most of my books and made room for them in a nearby bookcase. In hopes of maybe creating some sort of storage on my walls, I set out to try and make these damn things work. After successfully getting one mounted on my wall after much trouble, I began to test it out. I put about 8 books on it before it came tumbling down. I tried it again, this time with a few modifications. Again, it fell.
Instead of getting mad and having a Hulk moment, I stopped and decided to just re-purpose it, since it obviously sucked and had no business being sold as shelving. It did however, look like it would be great to use as a bulletin board. The large holes are perfect to accommodate a paperclip, binder clip or whatever else you have available. I’m also using hair claws on mine. I have a set up of three of the shelves together, near my bed. So far it’s accumulated a fair amount of fun stuff on it. Some reminders, funky art, photos and I even keep the laser pointer attached to it, just in case Mynx wants to play and I don’t feel like getting out of bed. I tucked one near my desk, to hold my work reminders and any notes I may think of while working and don’t want to forget.

I left two of the shelving units in tact to hold some of my other  books until I find what to do with them. The hardcovers are at the bottom and my paperbacks evenly distributed on top. It’s a sort of makeshift nightstand as well but I doubt I’ll be putting anything else on top of them, given their affinity to just collapse.

My next project is to get rid of some clothes, accessories and shoes because honestly, that’s something I have way too much of.
Really it’s true – mid-Skype call with a potential client this past week, my over the door shoe holder collapsed… twice. First the bottom, then the middle. It couldn’t handle all the shoes. Tragic. The potential client asked what it was and I told him. When he asked what I felt was a weakness of mine I told him that apparently it was putting together storage savers.

My clothes are practically spilling out everywhere. The laundry room, my closet and let’s not even talk about the mountain of clothes perpetually somewhere in my room. I want to either get rid of or re-purpose my clunky dresser but I can’t fit everything in my closet. So, it’s time to downgrade my selection. My options here are resell (secondhand stores, online), donate, reuse them in some way or toss them.

Stay tuned as I get myself deeper and deeper into this whole cleaning shebang. This… is going to take a while.


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