Review of EDEN BodyWorks: JojOba Monoi Collection

This week, I’m excited to announce that I’ve been published on the Natural Beauty section of for my review of EDEN BodyWorks‘ JojOba Monoi line of products. As my hair tends to get pretty dry and I’m always looking for a new line to help combat my natural hair problems, I was really thrilled when I was able to review their line as I had heard good things about jojoba oil.

The JojOba Monoi line contains jojoba oil, which comes from a plant indigenous to Mexico and the southwest United States, to aid in smoothing and hydrating the hair. The botanical oil’s properties are very similar to the sebum that is secreted by your scalp naturally. It has a light texture and is odorless and colorless so it is practically unnoticeable when applied. In addition to its hydrating benefits, jojoba oil can help counteract hair damage and loss by stimulating new hair cell growth.

Monoi, a perfume-infused oil, is very popular amongst French Polynesians as a hair softener. The blend is made by soaking Tahitian gardenia petals in a quasi-wax coconut oil. Like the jojoba oil, monoi works as a hair conditioner, plus it reduces frizz as it prevents the loss of protein in your tresses.

For the full review, check it out at Have you tried EDEN BodyWorks’ products? What do you think of them?


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