Lucky Me: the Winner of a Jungle Gurl Giveaway!

I’m so excited that I could blast off into space. I’m thrilled to announce that I am the proud winner of a Jungle Gurl bikini, courtesy of Jungle Gurl, a swimwear line which Rihanna had been spotted wearing. The hostess of the giveaway was the very lovely Nikia Phoenix of Model Liberation, who writes:

Congratulations to Alexis also known as msfabuLEX. She represents New Orleans and rocks big, beautiful natural hair. Among other things, this renaissance woman is also a model. How perfect!

Here’s why Alexis won the contest. She says:

This girl is so wild and free that it’s intoxicating. I want to be like Alexis when I grow up. Congrats again, hot mama!

I’m so excited about this and can’t thank Jungle Gurl and Nikia enough! I’m so looking forward to getting a peek at and then promptly getting into the bikini. I don’t care if fall is fast approaching, it’ll still be warm in New Orleans! In the meantime, I’ll just have to watch this awesome video over and over!


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