What’s In My Bag?

On a random whim, I decided to empty my purse to give it a decent cleaning, so I wanted to show off what I’ve got packed in here. These items usually wind up getting me through the day in one way or another.

The contents of my bag are:
Vintage Wayfarers
Zip drive
Flip Cam
Notebook + Pen
Package of Nutella
I Love Everybody (and Other Atrocious Lies) by Laurie Notaro
A flyer for the 2012 Summer Sampler by Community & Chinquapin Records
A flyer for the Chorus Girl Project
A receipt from World Market
A smaller purselet
A bunch of my business cards
My favorite MUA and Hair Stylists cards
Versace travel perfume
eos lip balm
Sephora nude lipstick
Hand sanitizer
$4.30 in change
Wallet with ID, $12 and Paypal debit card

I gave the sampler a listen and it’s actually pretty good. A great collection of a lot of different genres. Shout out to Community & Chinquapin Records for the great tunes for free! Check out their sites for more free music. This Chorus Girl Project has me revisiting thinking about burlesque classes. Hm…

What’s in your purse? Have you done a post like this? Let me see!


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