Review of Maybelline: Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation

I’ll admit, when I saw a foam foundation, I was a little skeptical. I wasn’t sure if it would meet my needs. You see, I don’t need very much coverage and being that it’s hot down here I’m pretty hesitant to wear heavy makeup. I’ve been using this foundation for about a month now and it’s become a staple but it’s not perfect, it’s got a couple flaws.

Walking down the makeup aisle of Walmart I came across the Maybelline Dream Airfoam Foundation for $8.44. I figured it a novel idea but had my reservations. It claimed to be lightweight and since that’s what I was in the market for I decided to try it out. The Natural Beige shade actually matches me really close; I was surprised how close, really. Usually I have problems finding a perfect match.

The next morning after I washed my face I put some moisturizer on, let it soak into my skin and went out on applying my new foundation. I gave the can a shake and squirted the foundation out onto the back of my hand. It came out so fast that I wound up with a little more product than I needed but was really pleased with feeling how lightweight it was on my finger. I applied it with my finger as suggested on the can. The coverage was really light so I tried to reapply, but it got a bit heavy/cakey feeling on me. I took the foundation off and set out to reapply. I grabbed my stippling brush and dabbed the foundation on slightly before blending. This helped me get the level of coverage I was seeking. When it went on it felt a bit oily but as you’re dabbing and blending it in, it’ll lighten up. After that I applied my pressed powder and that was it. It was a pretty quick application with great results. Lightweight, medium coverage that looked natural.

Overall I like it, but if I were able to control the amount that comes out a bit more I wouldn’t feel as though I was wasting product.
However, it doesn’t aggravate my skin or seem to be the cause of any breakouts so I definitely will be keeping this around for a while.

Ebony at ColouredBeautiful takes you through an application through it from the beginning to about 4:30 in, which I found to be great and very informative.


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