Freelance Writing – An Quest for Random Knowledge

Over the years I’ve had several jobs that I’ve loved. I’ve done data entry in the Emergency Room, worked in retail and as a bartender but I’ve never been comfortable in a 9-5 job. When I started picking up freelance writing jobs I noticed that it was actually really easy to make work around my schedule and I wind up picking up a few things along the way.

Working as a freelance writer has always agreed with me. Seriously, since I was a kid I wanted to be a writer and tucking myself away at home type-type-typing all day has always been a dream. Once I decided to transition and make writing a decent part of my income I found just how much flexibility and freedom it gave me with when I work. I can be comfortable, listen to some good music and even eat a bowl of cereal while I research. No one hovering over my shoulder as I complete my assignments. Sometimes it just too easy to be super productive when you don’t have anyone there to micro-manage. But I have to admit that I love it because  it also allows me the opportunity to find out a lot of different information that sometimes I otherwise wouldn’t find out. For example, at the moment I’m working on a data entry contract that requires me to look up legal definitions. It’s a lengthy job so after I’ve been sitting at my computer reading over a law dictionary for hours, things are beginning to soak in. And you begin to soak up a lot the more you work on different assignments.

That is a side effect I seem to be experiencing from freelance writing – copy, articles, reviews and descriptions, oh my! – is that I’ve become a quasi-but-not-really-expert on random things that may or may not find themselves working themselves out of my mouth in a casual conversation. Seriously, it happened on a date the other night. For some reason, I just had to tell him about this situation I had written about in Missouri. I couldn’t just open my mouth and ask normal first date questions. Thank goodness he was a trooper and seemed interested in me pontificating on this story. Poor guy.


3 thoughts on “Freelance Writing – An Quest for Random Knowledge

  1. Its so refreshing to hear anyone our age be passionate about writing for the sake of writing! And i totally know that quazi-knowledge thing that happen, my backgrounds in science so id be researching negartve feedback cycles for clinical endocrinology and it’d make its way in to conversations lol, embrace youre knowledge, its a beautiful thing 😉

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