I’ve always teetered on the edge of completely diving into yoga. It’s got amazing immediate and long term benefits, but I’m so hesitant to go to a class where all the super limber yogis and yoginis breeze through the poses, leaving me looking like a twisted pretzel amateur.

I searched sites for online yoga classes, looking for one that could give me the information and guidance I needed. It wasn’t until I found the ABC of Yoga that I felt completely comfortable to give yoga a good ol’ try.  Not only does their basic yoga session take you through a sequence of Asanas or poses but it gives you a great demonstration to go along with it. It’s almost like having your own personal yoga instruction. Taking you through warm-ups, standing and seated poses, twists, supine and inverted positions, backbends and the finishing poses, you can actually get an amazing yoga workout. The site says it will only take you about 30 minutes, but the first time, I paced myself and repeated several poses, bringing my total time up to about an hour.

I started with some really relaxing music, but soon found myself without the willpower to get through it. I discovered that I was not alone, and that many people were doing hip-hop yoga; the same workout just with hip-hop behind it. Intrigued, I tried it and am hooked. The music helps me get through my sequence while keeping my mind focused on the fact that it’s a workout, so act accordingly and don’t give up. Getting into some poses can be difficult, but with a little determination, you can do it. I actually surprised myself this morning at how easily I got into my headstand.

For anyone considering yoga, I HIGHLY recommend it. Your body may creak and crack but you will feel absolutely amazing afterwards.

Any yoga stories? Feel free to share!


One thought on “YO(U)ga GO, GIRL!

  1. I do online yoga too! Its so much more relaxing, and for beginners, less intimidating. And Man does it make a difference! Its really a gift for ones body to stretch in a relaxed state, I actually talked about yoga (and reiki) in this recent interview I did, and how it changed my life:

    Kuddos to you for sticking to it Lex, and informing other women that there are in-fact, less intimidating ways to experiment with yoga, thanks for sharing 🙂

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