A Strong Foundation is the Best Building Block

When you’re building a look, the place to start is with a foundation that evens out your skin and sets the stage with a clear canvas for you to apply your makeup. However, picking one out can be even more difficult than the application.

Should you find yourself struggling to find the right base remember:

Your skin type is important.
If you are prone to acne, try a mattifying foundation that is oil-free. Formulas that moisturize are perfect for those with dry skin and fragrance-free lightweight foundations suit women with sensitive skin.

You should try before you buy.
The color of your base may change as it settles on your skin so to be sure you snag the right shade. Let the foundation sit on your skin for about ten minutes and look at the foundation in natural light; that will give you a great indicator as to how it will look more so than when you first apply in the florescent lights of a cosmetics counter or drugstore beauty aisle.

Mixology isn’t just for the bar anymore.
Women, particularly ones of color, are multi-tonal and may find it difficult to get the perfect match. Using different shades is an option if you just can’t find a base that matches. Use your lighter foundation on your cheekbones and in the center of your face, while the darker is for contouring.

Like women each foundation is not created the same.
Everyone prefers or needs a different level of coverage. I personally like light coverage as opposed to medium or full since they both can make my skin feel weighted down. For those who like sheer coverage, stick with a tinted moisturizer. Those who can handle light coverage, there are mousse foundations that are quite airy but carry more coverage than a moisturizer. On to medium to full coverage, a liquid foundation should have the amount of coverage that you’re seeking while anyone seeking full coverage, try a cream base.

Once you’ve found your match, be sure to blend upward and out with a foundation brush or sponge. Pay some attention to around your eyes and blot around them. For foundation that lasts, remember to set it with a translucent powder before you go.


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