7-Day DIY Challenge: A Pretty Sweet 2 for Day 2

Hello, Craftzillas! How was your day? Today I did not one but two different scrubs with some leftover coconut oil I had lying around. Hate to see it go because it’s great for my hair but now I’ve got some great products to work with now.

The first one was from the sugar lip scrub tutorial I saw from Erica at HonestlyWTF.
To pull this one off, all you need is some coconut oil, honey, brown sugar, a spoon, mixing bowl and a container to keep your scrub in.

I took a hefty tablespoon of coconut oil and put it in the bowl along with some honey. I blended the mixture up to remove any lumps in the coconut oil. After that I added some brown sugar and mixed it all together. From there I moved it to a baby food jar that I had decorated previously in the day.

It’s so tasty and makes your lips feel great! The brown sugar acts as an exfoliant while the honey is healing and the coconut oil is a great moisturizer. Apply to lips for about a minute or two in small circles and then use a warm wet washcloth to remove. If you stick it in the fridge it will last about 2 weeks. It may not last that long because did I mention that it’s also edible?


The next scrub tutorial came from Robyn and Robyn’s View. It can be used on your hands, feet, legs and more areas of your body.  Check it out!

And with that I’m done with my leftover coconut oil. I actually used the container of one of them as the mixing and storing container, it was perfect. This scrub left my legs feeling amazing and smelling so great. Reminds me of summer.

Tomorrow I think I may tackle something a bit more difficult. I’m excited that I’m actually really getting into this challenge. Hell yeah!


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