7 Day DIY Challenge: Some Jewelry for Day 3

So today I got caught up in doing a lot of writing and job hunting, so I was almost afraid that I couldn’t be able to make my challenge. HA! I was determined to do something today and I did.

It’s a cute geometric necklace made out of staples, hot glue gun and some markers.
There’s a tutorial thanks to Kristina at Tamed Raven.

Begin with your materials:
Staples, a hot glue gun and a chain.
Align your staples in the design you want.
Glue glue, baby!
Once you’ve glued the staples in your desired design, glue the chain to the back of the top staples.
Add some color with markers, paint or even nail polish. Spruce it up and make it your own.
Give the back of your necklace a good go over with a piece of sandpaper to smooth the sharp edges.

Allllright, third day down and I’m still going strong. I’m excited! Anything you lovely readers like to do when you’re on a DIY whim?


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