7 Day DIY Challenge: Day 4

Today I started out with a lack of inspiration on a DIY project. Buried underneath a mound of papers to go through, separate and get together for different people, I figured that was my mindset for the day so I should get used to it. However, when I stepped away from my desk for a break I realized that I could quite easily use my need to organize my paperwork  as my inspiration for today’s craft. I set out to figure out to take my work from boring to bold with a quick craft.

For this all I needed were some paper clips, nail polish, a piece of cardboard to sit the paperclips on and a bit of patience.

You just have to gather your colors of nail polish and line the paper clips up. Afterwards, give the paperclips a good coat of nail polish on one side and let dry for an hour. Repeat for the opposite side.

The color possibilities are endless. You can also use a good clear coat spray paint over them to seal them if you want, but they tend to hold up pretty well. I dig them and they add a great splash of color to my papers.


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