7 Day DIY Challenge: I Made It To Day 7 & All I Got Was This Tshirt

Ok guys, so I made it! 7 days of DIY projects and I did it. Like a boss! Ha! Nothing too intense, but this DIY challenge actually got me thinking about what else I can do. I’ve got a ton of projects bookmarked and pinned to work my way through.

Thanks to Catherine over at Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth for this DIY t-shirt tutorial!
Here’s the process –

And me post workout, probably pondering out loud why I’m in the bathroom and taking this photo:

Ha! Myspace. You guys remember that site? I still have a bunch of old photos on there that I lost when one of my hard drive crashed so I’m still behind them because they haven’t let me down in terms of keeping my photos for me. A little photo bank, if you will, until I can go pull them all and put them on my external hd. So there. But, I digress… I did it! 7 days of DIY. I stuck to it and did it. I’m super proud of myself for setting that goal, putting myself up for that random personal challenge and rising to the occasion. Yay, go me!

Now the next challenge… baking? cooking? Hm….


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