Swimming in Frank Ocean

Off top, let’s get this clear: I love Frank Ocean. Now call me biased because he was born in New Orleans, but that’s nothing compared to the connection I’ve developed with his music. Of course I got caught up in Novacane when it came out. Who didn’t? That song was everywhere. I listened to Nostalgia, Ultra once and was hooked. His voice is so smooth and his wording made me fall in love with each and every track.

Then before channel ORANGE came out, he came out as bisexual on his Tumblr and the internet erupted in talk. Support, criticisms, talk of all kinds.
Meanwhile, in New Orleans, I sat in awe, staring at his retelling of falling in love, admitting it and dancing with unrequited love over 3 years. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I read and reread it. It was brutally honest and I identified with him. I, like many others, have been caught in that cycle of loving someone that doesn’t return it to you.

channel ORANGE came out and of course, I got it. It was actually one of the only albums I listened to on my trip to LA and there were a bunch of times on the bus ride to/from Palm Springs that I had to wipe away a few tears because with all that time on my hands all I could do was really listen to the lyrics and reflect. Realizing that I have felt those same things, I have experienced these same things.

Frank Ocean, I love you and get out of my damn head.


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