Review of Use Me! Products: Curl Up & Shine Creme

I’m sure if my hair could sing it would be right now. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been using the Curl Up & Shine Creme for my natural hair from the amazing team headed by Alanna York at Use Me! Products. This eco-friendly company packages their sulfate and paraben-free products in BPA-free plastic bottles that a contain an intoxicating concoction of organic and vegan ingredients to bring your hair to its top potential. They also make it very easy for you to achieve optimal benefits on your own by including excellent directions on the bottle. And did I mention that the various essential oils like lavender and violet make this product smell so amazing?

I received the Curl Up & Shine Creme and checked out the bottle. It’s got a great, simple design. I flipped it over to read the instructions and ingredients, which stated:

Use me daily to kill frizz and enhance your coils! Apply a small amount (about 1/2 teaspoon for fine hair) to clean, wet hair, starting at the ends. Work upward, concentrating on problem areas. Apply very little at the root. Separate curls into sections and twist. Air dry, or blow dry using a diffuser to remove about 80% of moisture and always finish with cool air. Do not disturb curls until completely dry!

Simple enough. So I washed my hair and applied as per the directions and air dried. Keeping my hands out of my hair were the toughest feat, but I managed. Once my hair was completely dry I noticed that my hair had good curl definition, except in areas of my hair that are way coarser than the rest of my head, and it wasn’t frizzy. It also has a great light-weight texture that does wonders on getting moisture into my hair. so much so that I even find myself reaching for it to give my clean, dry hair a little pick me up.

My only hangup on the product is that it can run on the more costly side of my budget for hair products. However, after proving itself to be a product that could easily fit into my regimen to manage my hair and seeing that a little product goes a long way, I definitely know that I would be inclined to splurge on it to keep it in my natural hair routine.

I definitely recommend the Curl Up & Shine Creme to any women with natural hair that are looking for a gentle styling product that won’t weigh your hair down. Check out all of their products and learn more about the company at Use Me! Products or follow them on Twitter.


One thought on “Review of Use Me! Products: Curl Up & Shine Creme

  1. Love that this product is not only eco-friendly but also organic, paraben-free. Sounds like I product I might try, I’m in deep need of something that will help my dry, curly hair.

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