Sneak Peek: Girl Play

If it were possible, I would take two of my favorite shows and smoosh them together, to create an epic show. If I did, I would get Girl Play. The brainchild of Aryka Randall from, Girl Play is a web series that could be described as a hefty shot of Sex and the City and The L Word, mixed together over New Orleans and strained into a shot glass for your consumption. Premiering in early 2013, it looks like Girl Play will definitely deliver a great dose of humor, reality and things to make you think.

The series follows a diverse group of femme lesbians and takes a peek into their lives, loves and identities here in New Orleans. Don’t just think this show will let you off easy. Prepare to touch upon issues such as marriage within the LGBTQ community and femme invisibility.

Olivia Black and her group of gal pals in New Orleans have had a turbulent time attempting to form successful relationships while maintaining careers and independence. Girl Play tells a story of four feminine lesbian women who are searching for true love in the ‘Big Easy’. Each character will take viewers on a journey they can relate to highlighting stories of lesbian love, deceit, political hardships, and self-acceptance. Take a walk in their shoes and see the world through the eyes of a femme. Laugh, smile and cry with the ladies of Girl Play. Bienvenue!

Synopsis taken from
Photos courtesy of Kimberly Hebert of Flair Photography

Make sure you stay connected by following Girl Play on Facebook – Twitter – Tumblr.
Meet the group, keep yourself updated and even check out some of the behind the scenes clips.

In the meantime, for those who just cant wait (like myself), below is the pilot premiere of Girl Play:

Now while you’re between licking your lips after getting your first taste of Girl Play and belligerently banging on the bar, shouting for more – take a deep breath and prepare yourself.

The Femmes are coming!


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