Fall Cleaning Part III: Cashing in Instead of Throwing Out

I’m in the process of pitching a lot of the stuff that I have. I want it out so that I don’t feel so smothered by clutter anymore but I also wanted to try and make a profit from it so that I can save up to do something nice.

So far the de-clutterization of Vagrinda-land has gone well. I really only have to tackle cutting the clutter from my desk and tackling the big one… my closet.

I know my closet is always a pain, so I recently decided to go through the clothes that were forming into a mountain (c’mon, you’ve got one too) in the corner of my room. I knew in the back of my head that there was a lot of stuff that I don’t wear. It had been a while since my last consignment shop trip, so the other day I decided that it was time for another one. I gathered a large suitcase and two trash bags of clothes and tossed them in the trunk. Also, I filled a small suitcase with books. I was going to pay a visit to the used bookstore around the corner that buys books, too. So off I set, with a trunk full of stuff.

My first stop was Buffalo Exchange. I toted my large suitcase in, leaving the trash bags behind in the trunk as they were previously turned down on my last trip. The girl behind the counter was really nice. Friendly – we had a nice conversation as she went over my goods. She took a few things and based upon the items she took multiplied by the crazy algorithm they use to figure out your store credit/cash return (I jest, I’m sure it’s simple, I just forgot the percent), I wound up with about $30 in store credit/$22 in cash. I took the cash, grabbed my suitcase with the items that weren’t chosen and headed to Oak St.

I decided to to stop in to Blue Cypress Books to drop off my books. The owner wasn’t in but they would call me once my books had been looked over. Ultimately they took quite a few books and I wound up with about $40 in store credit. I picked up a couple of books and a really dope Annie Leibovitz book. I still have a little credit left there which is great.

The final stop was GLUE Clothing Exchange. They are a trade only shop, meaning, you don’t get any money for your clothes, just store credit and they will donate anything they don’t take. In my mind, that’s fine by me. Store credit is as good as cash, especially when I can always find something pretty neat or retro to suit my taste. I rolled in my suitcase and chatted with the guy for a second before going grab the other two bags from my car. As he looked through my goods, I browsed the store. A ton of great items on the rack, but I had to refrain from pulling everything before I knew what my total would be. I knew I’d be able to cover a couple of scarves so I slung them around my neck right around the time I noticed these wonderful wedges. As I was admiring them and squealing on the inside because these were indeed my size, my total came back. $164 in store credit. I grabbed the shoes so fast and headed to check out, but not before I grabbed a cute purple flower to add to my collection for my hair.

The shoes:

In total, downsizing proved to be pretty profitable. Not necessarily in the monetary sense, but if you take a look at it:
$22 – Buffalo Exchange
$40 – Blue Cypress
$164 – GLUE Clothing Exchange

That’s over $200 for my used items. I picked up a few new items with that and gained some extra space in my place, too.
This is a great option to look into the next time you’re doing some deep cleaning and considering if you can get something for your items. I do recommend checking out different places in your area to see what they accept. Also, see if they are looking for anything specific. You may be able to get a good return on items they are looking for. Also, don’t forget you can always donate. A charitable donation is tax-deductible, so make sure to get a receipt.

While I may not be rolling in the cash for trading in my items, I still came out on top.
Store credit makes me dance!


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