Workout Inspiration: Rihanna in GQ

Goodness! I’ve been off my Ri-Ri game for a little while amidst the Chris Brown-Rihanna hullabaloo, but with the release of her latest album, Unapologetic, I’ve been paying a bit more attention. Particularly to her spread in GQ where she bares damn near all. With her nod to Flashdance and her showing off her killer body, I love this spread.

I mean c’mon, son. This girls body is banging. Most of the credit goes to Rihanna to sticking to her workout plan, but let’s not forget about who put it together. Harley Paternask, trainer to celebs, put together a routine that Rihanna could do anywhere she is in 25 minutes. Paternask shared the workout regimen with the Mirror:


Rihanna starts with normal cardio warm-ups, stretching and jumping.


After five minutes she switches to forward skater lunges to tone up the front of her thighs. The stiff-leg deadlift comes next – she lifts barbells while stretching out her legs to work the back of her thighs.


Superman exercises are next. Rihanna lies flat on her stomach, then lifts her arms and legs slowly into the air, holding them still for up to 30 seconds at a time. This is great for the lower back and bum.


Next, if she is in the gym, she uses cable abduction – weights on pulleys – to work on her inner thighs.


Finally, Rihanna completes her 25-minute leg toning sessions by using her secret weapon – the RealRyder bike, a cycle with moving handlebars so she can work her core muscles at the same time.

I have to say, it doesn’t look impossible. I may just give it a try.


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