In Flight Etiquette: Don’t Hit the Bottle Before You Hit the Plane

I travel pretty frequently and I don’t know about you all, but when I fly I’m already uncomfortable being -2 inches away from the person next to me. Since the holidays are upon us, I thought I’d share a tip based on an experience I had not too long ago.

Do not douse yourself in perfume prior to getting on the plane.

Being in such tight quarters is already painful enough, but having your favorite perfume sitting there in the shared air on the plane may not go over too well with the other passengers. Some people have sensitive noses and others have allergies. While I normally don’t experience any airsickness, the last time I flew there was a woman wearing an offensive amount of perfume. Her seat was near mine and after being in-flight for a while, I noticed that I was queasy and had a headache despite feeling fine before boarding. Once I got off the plane and into some fresh air I felt fine. Her desire to have the world breathe in her essence caused me to get sick. Thanks lady.

If you can, forgo the fragrance all together on the plane. If you must wear a fragrance when you travel, opt for a lighter scent. There’s some great body sprays that even come in travel size that don’t linger in the air as much as a eau de toilette does. Also, limit how much you apply. Two sprays max for a body spray, one for a light eau de toilette. When you get to your destination, feel free to go crazy with your scent of choice; just wait until everyone around you can breathe.

I promise, the nostrils of everyone on the plane will thank you.


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