Social Shopping with Mallzee!

Finding myself at the mall less and less lately, but still searching for items I’m dying for has become a hassle. While the option to shop online is always there, it’s not as streamlined as I would like. I find myself with several tabs open, comparing prices on several sites before I can find what I’m looking for at the price that works for me.

I was ever so grateful when the wonderful folks at Mallzee contacted me and requested that I take a look at their site. This internet based, social shopping platform provides not only the items you’re shopping for but also an experience. You’ll feel like you’re spending time at the mall, finding the best with your friends all while having a personal shopper by your side. Who can beat that?

With currently over 200 brands working with Mallzee, you’ll be able to find items from shops you like. Urban Outfitters, Feel Unique, St. Tropez and New Look have already signed on, among others. From there, you create your own virtual mall. You can pick your own stores and Mallzee will take your selections and the super styling hamsters* on their wheels turn your selections into item suggestions for you.

You can also invite friends to check out your store that they can shop as well as give you input. Unsure what to buy? Create a poll and get some opinions. Mallzee also allows the owner of the shops to make some money as well. Be sure to invite your friends because anytime someone buys from your Mallzee, including yourself, you earn money. Yes, the dream of many of us fashionistas – you get paid to shop. Also, you can pick from prizes just by spreading the word of Mallzee.

With so many positives, I’m hard pressed to find any negatives about Mallzee, short from easily seeing myself spending way too much time and money on this site. I’ll just have to make sure to invite some friends so they can give me their opinion and talk me out of over-shopping. Yes, there is such a thing!

They haven’t launched officially yet, so sign up for an exclusive pre-launch invite to be one of the first to experience Mallzee in all its’ glory and be entered into their competition to win $155 (£100).

Stop by the site to register and make sure to stay up on Mallzee news at Facebook or Twitter. Also, be sure to follow Mallzee on Pinterest for some great inspiration.

* – No stylish hamsters were harmed in the making of this blog.


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