is Taking Over My Underwear One Pair At a Time

I will say it. I don’t feel the need, as a woman, to justify buying new underwear as much as I please. My problem with shopping for it isn’t just the hassle of dealing with markups at the mall but it also comes when I have to try it on. How many people have tried this on before me? It gives me the willies just thinking about it. Not to mention, I may love the panties in the store but after a few hours of wear they feel like steel wool against my nether regions. An ill choice in underwear really chaps my ass. Literally.

Fortunate for me, I stumbled across, a website that provides the basics I’m looking for at an affordable price, way less than other brands of the same quality. All items are high quality, comfortable and delivered right to my door.

The process is simple. You answer a quick questionnaire to establish your preferences on style, size and color, check out your results and then shop!

To find out and deliver what their customers really want, MeUndies goes the distance by creating and maintaining relationships with their manufacturers as well as directly communicating with customers that are linked in through their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

So what makes these underwear so great?

You can order a pair only once or save 20% when you set up automatically shipped to deliver a new pair to you every month. You can collect a stock up on a bunch of your favorite pairs or pick up a new style every month. Also, if you want to skip a month you can within the first 5 days at no charge to you; pause or cancel at anytime. MeUndies even offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like your pair of underwear, you can get a refund.

MeUndies isn’t just looking to dabble in undies, though. They are looking to expand and become the first full service basic apparel company; expecting to offer items like leggings to sweats and shirts. At the rate they are going, I believe they can do it and do it with style.

Go ahead and get started shopping for your next pair, it may just be the last pair you actively shop for. And that’s pretty damn sweet.

* * * PROMO CODE:  MeUndies has made a promo code available to you all, my lovely readers. Use CLC for 20% off of your first pair at


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