DrinkSwap – Ditching Sodas for Flavored Water

Recently, I decided that in preparation of a new exercise regimen… *ahem* I mean, in preparation of me taking on an exercise regimen, in general, I would be cutting my caffeine intake and I would just have to drink more water. I’ve always been a gal that’s comfortable with grabbing a soda to get a rush of caffeine and as of late I’ve been  turning to them more and more. The downside is that I can feel them slowing me down, instead of giving me energy. You’d be surprised  just how they can really affect you and your health —


I’ve never been one to chug water all day, one of my reasons is that it lacks taste. To circumvent this and kick up me getting enough water I was curious to see how a homemade spa water recipe I stumbled across a while back ago would work out. Instead of relying on one of the different brands of bottled water to hydrate me, the power is back in my hands with a simple flavored water recipe.  It’s a really simple water infusion. Strawberries, pineapples, ice and water tossed into a mason jar overnight make this a tasty beverage for me to enjoy throughout the day. There are a ton of different combinations that make it easier for me to stay hydrated daily because sometimes, I really do just forget to drink water. With a new found cache of recipes, however, gone are those days.


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