Who Runs the World? GIRLS!

I’ve been an on-again, off-again fan of HBO shows for a while and Girls is a show that resonates with me. It is the comedic and still super dramatic tale of Hannah Horvath and friends, young 20-somethings in NYC. While Sex and the City was a fantastic show that I followed to it’s finish, Girls is a realistic view into the lives of young women that isn’t often told: the real side of your 20’s. This show isn’t about the characters trying to find the right wedding planner.  This show is about being on your own, making bad choices, following your dreams, skinning your knees and getting back up to do it all again tomorrow. This is about the journey, not the destination.

Congrats to the show for snagging two Golden Globe award nominations. One for ‘Best Television Series – Comedy or Musical’ and the other for lena Dunham for the ‘Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Comedy or Musical’ category.

Reasons why I love this show:
– Lena Dunham is fucking awesome.  I love her. Not only is my age and incredibly accomplished. This producer/director/writer he won the ‘Best Narrative’ award at SXSW for her second feature film called Tiny Furniture, but she’s got my damn dream job. I’d love to produce, write and direct a show. No wonder she got those 4 Emmy nods.
– Andrew Rannells is in the show as Hannah’s ex, Elijah. Before he was Elijah, I caught him killing it on stage in “The Book of Mormon.”
– Donald Glover is going to be in season 2. If you must know one thing, know that I love some Donald Glover; and not just because we have the same birthday. A guy that can make me laugh… sheesh!
– The writing. Between reaching in to tug on my very soul when identify with a Hannah-moment or bringing me to tears from laughing so hard when Shoshanna was running around on crack, this show nails it. Leave it to a 26 year old to get 20-somethings.
– The musicGirls – Volume 1,” the soundtrack is being released January 8 on Fueled by Ramen. Yessssss!
– There’s even a limited edition Girls inspired nail lacquer collection by Deborah Lippmann that is available for pre-order now and will ship on January 15, 2013. The line is described as “Independent. Feminine. Playful. Sexy.” and comes with four lacquers:

HANNAH Hapless Hunter Green
MARNIE Prim And Proper Pink
SHOSHANNA Virtuous Vivid Violet
JESSA Bohemian Burgundy

Season two starts airs next month, on Sunday, January 13 and I’m stoked, to say the least.


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