You Can’t Spell Flexitarian Without Lex

As of late, my browser has been full of tabs with information about food. Once the holidays are over and I start my exercise plan, healthier eating habits are going to have to be established. I can’t self sabotage. I’ve always been interested in pursuing a vegetarian lifestyle but honestly, I love bacon. A lot of my family is from rural areas; they were farmers that raised crops and animals for food. Meat isn’t repulsive to me but an overabundance of it is way too much and can be grossly unhealthy for you. Like most things, in moderation it is fine.

This year was a year that I did a lot of thinking on my dietary habits and since I’ve wanted to cut back my meat intake for a while, to help in disease prevention and to reduce my own personal strain on the environment, it’s time for a change. Upon reading browser tab after tab, my plan had a name:

They call it flexitarian.
A person who eats mainly vegetarian food, but makes occasional exceptions for social, pragmatic, cultural or nutritional reasons. Flexitarians may occasionally eat meat and/or other animal products. According to the Vegetarian Research Group, about 3% of American adults are true vegetarians who say they never eat meat, fish or poultry. But at least 10% of adults consider themselves vegetarians, even though they eat fish or chicken occasionally. –

Flexitarian, omnivore — whatever; Call it what you will but it fits me. I’ll be starting out with 5 days days a week and hope to get it down to meat 3 days a week.
Let’s do it!


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