Hope For My Hair With NoireNaturals

Recently I sat down and took a look at my staple products; old faithfuls that had worked their way into my everyday routine. Surprisingly  several of them had harmful ingredients so I threw them out or gave them away. I’ve been focused on phasing in products that do the most for my hair without having to do too much. A giant thank you goes out to the crew at NoireNaturals for letting me sample their wares.

“After experimenting with countless “natural” products, I found myself spending TONS of money and still having to add supplements to achieve the desired results. Eventually, I realized that my Natural Journey (and all of the frustrations that came along with it) was very similar to many others… This became the inspiration for creating NoireNaturals.”

-Ashleigh Thornton, Owner and Creator

That set me at ease from the first time I became aware of NoireNaturals, I was also relieved to see that all of the products are paraben-free and sulfate-free. Also, these certified organic products are without alcohol, glycerin, mineral oil, petroleum and artificial fragrances and colors. Three cheers for that!

cleanser__21145.1316243156.1280.1280Oh Là Là Hair Cleansing Elixir – This product does not lather heavily nor does it have the consistency of a typical shampoo.  Those both took me by surprise, but only for a short time. I found that my hair responded well to it. It’s a thinner product so I was able to work it through my hair very easily. I picked up on an olive oil scent though it’s not powerful. Since it’s olive oil based, it’s no wonder. The Cleansing Elixir cleansed my hair wonderfully without drying it out.

condish__21263.1316243732.1280.1280C’est Magnifique Rinse-or-Remain Conditioner – This has to  be my favorite product of the line. It’s a dual use product and the smell is beyond amazing. It is full of essential oils and butters that my hair drank up. My hair had a wonderful luster and did I mention the scent!? I did have to use a bit more product when detangling my tighter curls with this conditioner, but overall it left my hair soft and supple.

jelly__14692.1316243871.1280.1280J’adore Curl-Defining Jelly – Don’t be confused by the term “jelly.” This product is thin and clear but it fights frizz like a much thicker product. It smoothed my hair while giving my curls some definition. I didn’t really need to apply a lot of this product to reap the benefits, so feel confident smoothing a bit over your coils instead of being heavy handed.

Overall, I really enjoyed the line and being that it’s really budget friendly, working my favorite products into my hair routine won’t be difficult. For anyone looking for all natural products that leave your hair big, soft and bouncy, I highly recommend giving NoireNaturals a try.

For more information on NoireNaturals, please visit www.noirenaturals.com, check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/noirenaturals and follow us on Twitter at: www.twitter.com/noirenaturals.

Products were provided by NoireNaturals for my review. For additional information on my reviews, please read my PR info.


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