My 13 Goals For 2013

Here we are on the cusp of another year and millions scramble for a resolution. My resolutions  are usually forgotten anywhere from two to five weeks into the new year and then I am left in a guilt cloud for the rest of the year because I didn’t do what I set out to do. I’m not going to put all that pressure on myself to succeed with a declaration of what I’m ‘going to do.’ Instead I’m giving myself some wiggle room and just saying “Hey, these things would be really cool for me to focus on in 2013.” A few of these have been tried before but hey, it’s a new year and a new opportunity.

Here’s to 2013, in which I aim to:

  1. Drink more water.
  2. Adopt better eating habits and cutting out junk instead of being a gluttonous savage.
  3. Body work by way of workout plan. Fitness is my friend. I’ve got the free gym time, time to use it!
  4. De-clutter, downsize and repurpose items that haven’t been used in a while.
  5. More networking and collaborations. This social butterfly has to spread her wings.
  6. Volunteer. In what ways can I spend time to benefit my surroundings?
  7. Buckle down and get my Interior Design certificate.
  8. Pump love into my hair by participating in growth challenges like ‘Show Me the Growth‘ Challenge and ‘Take Better Care of My Hair‘ Challenge.
  9. Write! More blogs, articles, poetry, an e-book, whatever. Just more writing.
  10. Read! Devour a book a month purely for pleasure; two if they are audio books.
  11. Less excuses, more solutions. Nothing is impossible to crack once you look at it from all sides.
  12. Get even more crafty with 52 crafts; a DIY project per week.
  13. Travel more! Blame it on the wanderlust.

What are your things you’d like to focus on in 2013?


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