Put Your Best Foot Forward in 2013 With Shoe Trivia!

As a bonafide shoe addict, I can honestly say that nothing makes me happier than a pair of new shoes. Even though I’m 5’9,” I still wear heels because they make me feel good. It doesn’t matter that my affinity for 4-6 inch heels makes me poke out above the crowd sometimes, I love them. Most of my heels are versatile, but I have a special spot in my heart for over the top heels.  A good in-your face pair of heels is like that Ferrari you desperately want. You know you don’t need it but you yearn for it and have to have it.

In honor of putting our best foot forward this year in 2013, here are 13 of my favorite bits of shoe trivia!

  1. A horseshoe is a symbol of good luck.
  2. St Crispin is the patron saint of shoemakers. St Crispin’s Day is October 25th.
  3. Until the 18th century, both men and women work high-heeled shoes.
  4. Having roughly 500 pairs of shoes, Marie Antoinette employed a servant whose sole purpose was to take care of her shoes.
  5. The first shoe made in the US was courtesy of Thomas Beard.
  6. On average, men have 12 pairs of shoes, while women have an average of 17.
  7. Salvatore Ferragamo created and successfully filed the patent for the wedge heel in the year 1937.
  8. Christian Louboutin used his assistants nail polish to paint that iconic red sole.
  9. Marc Jacobs’ inverted heels in 2008 threw the fashion world into an uproar.
  10. Imelda Marcos aka the “Steel Butterfly” has acquired well over 3,000 pairs of shoes.
  11. Many people don an old pair of shoes when Friday the 13th comes around. Superstition tells us that our old shoes will keep any bad luck that may cross our path at bay.
  12. Your butt is accentuated 25% when wearing high heels.
  13. Bill Bowerman, founder of Nike, said that he was inspired by his waffle iron when creating the soles of his sports shoes.
Here’s to a happy new year of stunning new collections for our feet!

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