Let There Be Beads – It’s Carnival Time!

Last night was Twelfth Night and the Phunny Phorty Phellows kicked off Carnival season in their own way. As per tradition, the Krewe chugged along the Uptown streetcar line, ushering the Mardi Gras season into New Orleans. Mardi Gras is full of tradition and festivities. Ir’s when the city bursts with energy and life! Personally, I’m preparing myself for a fun season of parades, daydrinking, king cakes and Mardi Gras revelry. I know, Mardi Gras Tuesday is just any other day in the rest of the world. But here… in New Orleans, Mardi Gras is a special experience.  It’s an opportunity to get out some debauchery out before Lent. It’s time we spend with our families and friends. Of course it’s a great time to party, but down here we don’t really even need a reason.



One thought on “Let There Be Beads – It’s Carnival Time!

  1. I’ve never been to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. All my friends have and they always have amazing stories to come back and tell me. Every year that I’ve actually wanted to go, it has been too rainy and too cold so I decided against it.

    I’m looking forward to Mardi Gras this year. Although I don’t think I’ll be in New Orleans, Baton Rouge supposedly has pretty nice parades.

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