Treat Yo Self!

When is the last time you treated yourself after accomplishing something big or small? The relative theory of reinforcement, or Premack’s principle, demonstrated that activities people enjoy are effective reinforcers for people to engage in activities that do not typically enjoy participating in. In layman’s terms, people will power through what they do not like to do, to get to what they do. In Parks & Recreation terms, “treat yo self!”

Setting up a reward system for myself has proved to be a wonderful motivator.
When I can treat myself, I get a relaxing pedicure, splurge on an item I really want, indulge in a dinner at my favorite restaurant or get the knots knocked out of me with a deep tissue massage.
Since I haven’t done as much travel as I’ve wanted to recently and I’m pleased with my performance this past semester, I decided to treat myself with travel. I’m heading to NYC in a little over a month. I can’t wait! NYC is one of my favorite places to visit and the fact that I’ll be back there soon enough makes me happy. I may not be able to head to NYC after every semester, but I feel that this little respite from New Orleans will rejuvenate me. I know, I make no sense. Going to NYC to…relax? Ha! My Google map is filled with more starred locations than I can knock out in the couple of weeks I’ll be there. I don’t care, I love NYC. Bring that shit on. Best trip of the year!

Nevertheless, I know that when it comes time to graduate, my reward for kicking my degree’s ass will be a trip up to Boston to walk across the stage in person. Yeah, I may be a distance learner, but it doesn’t mean I can accept my diploma in person… and then hop on the train and party in NYC. Ha! I couldn’t resist.

Whether it be once a year like Tom and Donna, every now and then or every day — ain’t nothing wrong with treating yo self!

How do you like to treat yo self? Do you find that it motivates you more?


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