Getting Away & the Baggage That Goes With You (or Not)

Here it is — the holiday stretch. Thanksgiving is approaching rapidly and I intend on gorging myself on food, enjoying the company of my family and falling into a tryptophan induced coma for a few days. Why do I need the rest? Because once I’m back from the visiting my family, along with a large percentage of the population, will soon find myself free-falling through the holiday season until I grind to a halt after New Years.

This year, with the family split up on three coasts, we decided to spend Thanksgiving in LA. I’ll be flying in from NYC and then heading from work to the airport, with little to no time to spare. My respite in LA will be short-lived as after I’ve shaken off the turkey and Hennessy laced sweet potatoes, I’ll be hauling my soon-to-be Christmas cookies back to NYC on a red-eye flight so that I can make it back in time for work on Monday. Initially when I realized that my travel schedule would be so hectic, I panicked. I stick to an ongoing practice of never checking my luggage. In fact, I am fiercely against it and carry on my luggage religiously. Yet I always seem to overpack. And facing a 5+ hour flight either way, I didn’t want to weigh myself down. I knew for sure that this was going to prove itself to be an interesting excursion.

My first step on this trip was picking my carry on. I love to just grab and go, and since living in NYC, I’ve grown accustomed to not carrying a purse everywhere. Instead, I rely on my backpack by FLüD most days.


I have to say that the Tech backpack is fantastic! It’s spacious, yet it keeps things in order and I’ll be damned if that bag isn’t tough. The FLüD website sums up the features perfectly:

Featuring chest and waist harness buckles, with skateboard straps on the front, our tech bag is roomy enough for all of your goods. Offering 3 outside zip pockets, two side pockets, a padded laptop sleeve with zipper compartment, and an over-sized main compartment, the FLüD Tech can accommodate everything you need for any mission possible, or impossible.

The next step was to figure out what I was bringing. Since I’ll be able to do laundry, the pressure of needing to have clean clothes every single day and leaving with a mountain of dirty clothes packed inside my bag is off of my shoulders.  So, without tons of room for outfit options, I decided to start formulating a plan. I narrowed down my selections and decided that I would base my outfits around only one pair of shoes and stick with a few basics. Promising myself that only pieces that I can use with several outfits over the holiday weekend will make it into the backpack, I began to relax. I went a little further by nixing most of my toiletries and rebottling the ones I had to take into smaller travel bottles. By doing this I still had enough space left over for more articles of clothing. Instead, I’m opting to try to bring back as much of my mom’s cooking as possible. Can you say, thankful?


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