That is NOT the Best Hair in America feature in Elle’s August Issue!

This is directed to Ali Finney and the editors at Elle Magazine and has actually been emailed to them expressing my disappointment in their latest feature. Read on to see why:

I’m a huge fan of Elle. A few days ago, I rushed to the mailbox, like any excited subscriber would, to grab the August 2014 issue with great zeal. Not only was I excited to see Kristen Wiig on the cover but I always enjoy the fashion features in the magazine that were looking very promising from the cover. I started flipping through and noticed the “Best Hair in America 2014” feature in the table of contents. Intrigued, I skipped through the rest of the magazine to get to it. I went through it and was very disappointed that I didn’t see natural hair being represented. There was not one single woman proudly displaying her natural hair. Sure, Lupita was given credit – but for having a short hair cut, not her hair texture. In 2014, women are wearing their natural hair and they are doing it with gusto. Be it in twists, braids, dreadlocks, afros, frohawks or whatever other style they can create, natural hair is not something that can be ignored.

How can you call that feature the “Best Hair in America 2014” when you fail to recognize that some of the best hair in America isn’t bone straight? Yes, our natural ethnic hair may be a little thicker. Maybe it is a bit more coarse but do the abundance of women that are wearing their hair naturally not deserve to be discounted? What about the beauty of naturally kinky and curly hair? Are we supposed to just be ok with having our hair recognized as sub par? I don’t think so!

I’m still a fan of you guys but c’mon! You’ve got a ways to go!

And hey, P.S. Elle, allow me to introduce you to some of the Best Natural Hair in America 2014. This is something you may apparently missed.

Musician/Singer: Esperanza Spalding
esperanza-spalding-thevagrindaI Can’t Help It –

Singer: Janelle Monae
janelle-monae-thevagrindaMany Moons (Short Film) –

Actress: Lisa Bonet

Supermodel: Rose Cordero
rose-cordero-thevagrindaVogue Black –

Singer: Erykah Badu
erykah--badu-thevagrindaHoney –

Singer: Jill Scott
jill-scott-thevagrindaGolden –


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