7 Absolute Truths About Myself

If I’m going to be honest, I might as well as start with being honest with myself and everyone else. There are a few things I’ve learned about myself recently. Particularly the past year in NYC and I find it interesting that I am in fact so at ease with these truths. Instead of fighting against them and denying that they are part of me, I embrace them. They are what make me who I am after all. Some of these qualities I’ve had for a long time and the others I recently picked up. Regardless, this is me. This is Lex.

    1. I’m something of a nomad. I love to travel and recently got back to New Orleans after living in New York for a year. I love that city and would love to return, but there’s so much more of the world to explore! I’ve been all across the country and can’t wait to keep seeing as much as I can of this great planet. So much so that I really enjoy when I get travel writing gigs. Researching and talking about a new city is absolutely thrilling as is envisioning myself in a cafe that is in the city center. Well… almost as thrilling as actually booking a plane ticket and going sit in the cafe in person.
    2. I’ve modeled for over 5 years. What started in as a gig with local painters and classes needing a form to sketch became an interesting career. My specialty is fine art nude; my work is very tasteful, nothing really explicit. I am upfront about this because as an artist, I see the beauty in the human form and feel that nudity is nothing to be ashamed of at all.


    3. I’ve acted in over 10 productions from music videos to plays, commercials and short films. My most recent and noteworthy scene was in Grudge Match. I played a strawberry blonde hooker that is being yelled at by Kevin Hart. You can check the clip out here. (Pardon the subtitles!) I’m also in an upcoming indie with John Corbett, Justin Long, Stephen Bauer and Gillian Jacobs called “The Lookalike.”
    4. I love whiskey. Not for the taste but because of how it makes me feel. Warm and tingly, mmm…
    5. I have learned to live a minimalist lifestyle. Material possessions aren’t really a priority for me, I tend to value experiences over things. Now don’t get me wrong! I love pretty things a lot!! I guess that I just know that at the end of the day, I don’t need them.
    6. I’m a procrastinator. Blame my Libra sign, but sometimes I’m downright lazy. Just laying around feels so much better than doing anything, especially if it’s a chore that I hate. Thank goodness for that one chair that holds all your clean laundry you haven’t put away. C’mon guys, amiright?
    7. I may be turning into a crazy cat lady. I adopted this loveable little black cat named Mynx about two years ago. She’s earned her name and been queen of the house for quiet some time. Well, while I was in New York, I adopted another kitten, Hobbes. He’s a darling little guy. When I came back to New Orleans, giving him up wasn’t an option so he made the flight with me. I openly communicate with my cats, in slow blinks, cat mews and I actually use my words with them because they will respond. I’ve put a limit on myself at these two. They are quite enough of a handful. Even though it’s a super cuddly and purring, fluffy handful.
      And hell.. why not an extra one because I am a habitual line-stepper…
    8. I Tinder on the toilet.


So there you go.. that’s me.




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