Nailed It: Vanity Projects

Despite keeping my nails fairly simple, I love to experiment when I have the chance. From reviewing new nail polish lines or trying a new technique, nail art has always been an interest of mine. Then there are others; those that take nail art to the next level of self expression. Gone are the days of large canvas, instead they opt for crafting exquisite work on our digits. This week, I spotlight Vanity Projects on 99 Chrystie Street in New York City for their imagination and sheer talent.

vanityprojects1-thevagrindaThis understated look is perfect for everyday. From work to happy hour, you can’t go wrong with this wonderfully feminine mani.
vanityprojects2-thevagrindaWant to get a little glam for a bridal or baby shower without overshadowing the guest of honor? This mani will make sure you shine too!
vanityprojects3-thevagrindaThe only words to describe this mani are “out of this world.” Neil Degrasse Tyson would be proud!
vanityprojects4-thevagrindaFor the kid in all of us, this mani is the best! Retain some of that childhood imagination and make a statement with one of your favorite cartoon characters.

Make sure to head into Vanity Projects if you’re in the neighborhood and let them deck out your digits. If you’re not in NYC, follow them on Instagram – @vanityprojects – to stay up on their latest designs and nail artists that they have in the house!


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