Buff Your Way to Smoother Skin with Powder Exfoliants

Increasingly more microbeads, facial scrubs and chemical peels are showing up in the beauty aisle more often, leaving those with sensitive skin to wonder where to turn to when they want to exfoliate their skin, but not exfoliate it off. The answer lies in powder exfoliants. These gently exfoliate the face without being too harsh. The chemical structure of the powder encourages collagen production by being so similar to the ceremides that reside inn your skin; a type of fat within skin layers that helps retain moisture.)

To activate this gentle face product for sensitive and combination skin, you simply need to mix the powder with water to form a chalky paste that is to be applied to your face. It is so easy on your skin, you can actually use it everyday for maximum results.

This type of exfoliator sloughs away those dead skin cells still handing around on your face and smooths the skin, leaving just a dewy, clean complexion in it’s wake.

The seemingly magical ingredient in powder exfoliants is actually rice enzymes or rice powder. Used in Asia since the 16th century, rice powder was used on inflamed skin, to sooth away ulcerations and acne. Additionally, geisha girls use this as a foundation to whiten their skin. Present day, Asian cosmetic companies often infuse rice powder into the formulas of their bronzer or pressed powder.

A personal favorite is Tatcha’s Classic Rice Enzyme Powder which includes rice powder, papaya and HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex to reveal your skin’s natural luster.



This post was originally posted on my Examiner.com page.


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