#LunchWithLex: Blue Smoke

If there’s one way to my heart it’s damn good barbecue and when I was living in New York, my go to spot was Blue Smoke. So in honor of my craving for barbecue today, it definitely deserves a mention when it comes to lunchtime eats. Particularly because I’m craving it as I type. This restaurant with a couple locations around the city one on 116 E 27th St in the Flatiron District and 225 Vesey St in Battery Park. Both locations serve some of the most amazing southern style barbecue  and sides that I’ve had outside of the South.



I highly recommend the smoked black pepper sausage with pimento cheese and jalapenos(!!!), crawfish sausage, pulled pork, beef brisket and the rib sampler which gives you a healthy portion of Texas-style beef ribs, Kansas City-style spareribs and Memphis-style baby back ribs. For sides, definitely grab some of the cornbread and mac & cheese to make your meal totally stick to your ribs.

While I won’t be able to have the heavenly food from Blue Smoke for a bit, I can still drool can’t I?


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