My 7 Day Chakra Challenge: Root Chakra

As of late, I haven’t been feeling like myself. I’ve described it as feeling fatigued and generally off. When talking to a good friend about how off balance I feel, they suggested that my chakras could be closed and perhaps I might benefit greatly from the challenge of opening them up. Instead of rushing and trying to open up my chakras quickly, I would take a week and focus on an individual chakra each day. Never one to shy from a challenge, I agreed and set out to shake off this feeling and open up my energy. Starting with day one…


Day 1: the Root Chakra – located at the base of the spine, in the tailbone area, the Root chakra represents feeling grounded or “rooted” as well as symbolizes our stability, security, survival, physical needs and material world.

If this chakra is working optimally, you will feel: safe and secure in life; trust in the divine order of things and you will feel safe in life’s ebbs and flows. If this chakra is out of balance, you might feel: worried about money, work, or other base issues in your life; focused on material possessions; the need to satisfy own wants and desires

Emotional issues linked with this chakra: survival issues and all issues related to this , such as money, food, family, security and financial independence.
Physical symptoms of imbalance might include: digestion problems; cold hands and feet; hip, leg and feet problems; frequent need to go to the bathroomConquering Fear Spiritually

Today, I spent a lot of time outside. I began my day with a bit of a workout. I woke up fairly early this morning so I cranked up my iTunes and started the day by dancing. I felt pretty good after my impromptu Soul Train line so I threw some shoes on and went out for a walk. I focused on each step as my foot made contact with the earth and then rose from the ground, making way for the next step. This eventually turned into a run as I began to zone out on the sound of my steps and feeling of my feet meeting and leaving the earth; the energy coursing through my lower half was undeniable. Once I got home, I decided that a low-impact cool down, like yoga would be a great idea. I got into Child’s pose. While showering the sweat away from my morning workout, I noticed and savored the feel of the water in my shower cascading around my feet. Delightful! The day progressed as it usually does, but today I found myself seeking respite outside a lot more than usual. I even took my breaks from writing outside and made a beeline to the backyard where I stripped my my shoes off and went for a walk in the grass. Definitely rejuvenating, I have to admit.

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Overall, I feel good. It’s a noticeable difference but nothing really intense. I’m not expecting miracles with this challenge, particularly after one day, but if today is any indication – I’m looking forward to opening the rest of my chakras.


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