My 7 Day Chakra Challenge: Sacral Chakra

With one day under my belt, my 7 day challenge to balance my chakras has started off quite well. Yesterday I worked on opening my root chakra by reconnecting with nature. Today I tackled the second chakra of the seven – the sacral chakra.


Day 2: the Sacral Chakra – located near the lower abdomen, approximately 2″ below the bellybutton, the Sacral chakra represents creativity, sex and your ability to accept new situations or relationships into your life.

If this chakra is working optimally, you will feel: abundant, pleasurable, creative and able to enjoy sex in your life, no trouble expressing emotions or connecting with others. If this chakra is out of balance, you might feel: unable to take pleasure from life or sex, cannot handle emotions or feelings, suppressing natural needs.

Emotional issues linked with this chakra: sense of pleasure, enjoyment, abundance, sexuality.
Physical symptoms of imbalance might include: lower back pain; menstrual troubles; irritable bowel syndrome; ovarian cysts; prostate or testicular issuesConquering Fear Spiritually

Today, I started the day with some yoga. I recall my old yoga instructor mentioning the amount of physical and emotional tension that are stored in our hips so my focus was on a poses that opened up the hips, particularly bound angle and cow pose. After a series of asanas, I felt great so I kept my morning workout with the focus on my lower body. I tackled a few sets of crunches and leg lifts to keep me going. From there I couldn’t stop myself from cranking up the music and dancing. If you’re following along from yesterday you’ll notice that I did some dancing yesterday; it made me feel so good then so why not close out my workout with it today?.. My thoughts exactly! The rest of my day was fairly packed but I made sure to take time out from my schedule to meditate. I made sure to focus on letting go of things that are weighing me down. From toxic relationships to pessimistic thoughts, these things have piled onto my back – weighing me down. Taking the time to clear my head, silence my own thoughts and meditate on these things has given me some clarity into many of these situations, which is more than I had before.

Tomorrow… I tackle the Solar Plexus chakra!


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