If You’re Not On Fleek, You’re On Flunk

While diving into modern day lexicon, one word has definitely caught my attention over the last few months – fleek. Perpetually out of the loop, I sought out the knowledge of the internet to school me. The Complex article, “On Fleek: A Definitive History” concludes that “even though there’s no agreed upon definition, the word along with its accompanying preposition is most often used to describe something as the way it should be in its proper state, or at its prime. The expression “on point” serves as a valuable (but far less interesting, due to its having a total of zero made up words in it) synonym.”

Particularly because the word fleek has infiltrated my social media feeds. Friends going on about how their eyebrows are on fleek. My aunt chiming in about her dress is so on fleek. Ex’s mentioning that their shoe game is on fleek.

And I’m sitting here like –
wakaflocka_ok - thevagrindaSo I wonder – is there an opposite of “fleek?”

After much deliberation, I’m only left to deduce that flunk is indeed the contrast of fleek. Flunk is defined as “to have failed to reach the required standard.”  So, by Complex’s definition,  when your sneakers, outfit, eyebrows or what have you is not in its prime, the opposite would hold true, no?

So while my eyebrows may be on fleek, my wordplay game is on flunk.
Face it…you’re probably on flunk too.


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