Three Tips to Shop Black Friday Like a Pro

If you’re a Black Friday veteran then you’ll know that sale shopping can get intense. Really intense.
If you’re a newcomer to the Black Friday fight, then you’ve been warned. Things will escalate quickly.

But luckily, you can find some peace while you’re knee deep in the chaos if you go into it with a plan. A little time spent planning can ensure the deals keep coming while keeping that massive holiday headache at bay. Follow these three tips to keep your Black Friday from getting too dark.

1. Black Friday like it’s Cyber Monday.

Sure, when you’re shopping for deals you aren’t typically worried about your phone. But maybe you should be. Download the Black Friday app (available free for iOS and Android) where you can create a wish list, add items and search through the app’s database to locate the best deals when you’re out and about. Make sure you keep your charger on you so you can keep duck into a coffee shop and recharge, yourself and your phone.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan.

Do your research! Be realistic about what you need or are in the market for and make wise choices about the stores you decide to visit. Also make sure that the deals are worth it. Investigate deals and big sales as well as the quality of the product that is being featured. Sure that may seem like a great deal on a TV but if the resolution isn’t on par or has far less features that you need then the deal wasn’t really worth it, was it? Don’t get locked into a deal just because it’s offered. Black Friday is all about spending wisely!
If you can take advantage of an in store pickup, do so. This will allow you to focus your energy elsewhere. Instead of climbing over the bodies that will surely be packed into the different areas of the store, take your time going over the other parts of the store and then swing by to pick up your items. Also, you can get a good look at your purchases and exchange or return them right there if you find that you have changed your mind. No return visit!

3. Keep Calm and Shop On.

Don’t be too hard on yourself when you’re shopping, it should be a fun experience after all. Load your playlist with your favorite tunes and let the tense buzz around you disappear as you shop in time to Beyonce. Your mood will make the day, so don’t get down. Did you grab that extra 30 minutes of sleep but miss a deal? Did the item you wanted sell out? Don’t worry about it. Mark Ellwood, author of Bargain Fever explains that you shouldn’t sweat it because most stores will have one, if not a few more serious sale days before the year ends. “Maybe you missed the deal on Black Friday. There will be another one before Christmas, I guarantee.” This will allow the store to also replenish their stock of that item you had your heart set on. Also, you may notice that certain things may be priced down further as the season continues.

Have a Black Friday tip to get you through the madness? Or a deal you’re really excited about? Share!


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